Royal Canadian Legion Brockville Ontario

There are currently six (6) positions.

  • Ordinary
  • Associate
  • Affiliate Voting
  • Affiliate Non-Voting
  • Ladies Auxiliary
  • Diamond Jubilee

There are two main areas for rent.

  • MacDowell Auditorium
  • Lower Lounge
  • Board room

For a full list of calendar events click here.


They served and sacrificed for our freedoms. Becoming a member of the Legion is the ultimate way to show your gratitude and give your support. You don’t have to be a Veteran to join and make a difference.


We are Canada’s largest Veteran support and community service organization, helping Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP and their families get the care and support they deserve.


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About Us

The Royal Canadian Legion cares for everyone who has served our nation, regardless of when or where, and their families. As members,…

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180 Park Street
Brockville, ON

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